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Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Emergency preparedness is a critical responsibility for schools and is essential to providing a positive, healthy learning environment for students and staff. Minnesota State statute requires all schools to adopt a crisis management policy and develop school-specific plans that address emergency situations such as natural disasters, man-made disasters and school violence. While anyone would acknowledge the importance of emergency preparedness in schools, it is often unfamiliar to school officials, and its broad scope can leave a Superintendent, Principal or Facilities Director wondering where to begin.

About IEA

At the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA), our consultants can provide assessment, training and management designed for emergency preparedness for schools. IEA, founded in 1984, is a health and safety consulting firm serving Minnesota and beyond. Our clients include school districts, commercial entities and government agencies.

Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management Services

IEA can assist schools in the following areas of emergency preparedness:

  • Crisis Management Plan development
  • Emergency Response Classroom Flipcharts
  • Facility Vulnerability Assessments
  • NIMS/ICS/FEMA Training
  • Tabletop Exercises for Staff
  • Best Practices Consultation
  • Floor Plans and Site Plans
    • Evacuation Maps
    • Severe Weather Shelter Maps
    • Fire/Life Safety Device Locations
    • Utility Shut-Off Locations


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