Unlocking Safer Futures:

Expert Consulting in Health, Safety, and Environment

Expert Consulting in Health, Safety, and Environment

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IEA ensures safe construction projects by managing hazardous materials to prevent exposure risks. We focus on implementing worker and patient safety programs.


IEA supports Minnesota school districts with comprehensive environmental compliance, maintenance operations, and safety programs, ensuring a secure environment.


IEA provides environmental consulting for government buildings nationwide, collaborating on hazardous materials, safety, indoor air quality & ventilation projects at various levels


IEA offers environmental health and safety consulting, including ventilation assessments, hazardous materials, indoor air quality and safety compliance, conserving resources.

Corporate Spaces

IEA is committed to helping organizations with corporate spaces and owners of property management companies provide a workplace or quality location that improves their business.

About IEA


Readiness to Adapt to All Future Challenges.

Founded in 1984, the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA) is an environmental, health and safety consulting firm. IEA was initially established to assist schools navigate and comply with the evolving asbestos regulations.

We quickly widened our client base to other industries that required all-inclusive, trusted 3rd party consulting through a single partnership. Today, we serve businesses within the public and private sectors of education, healthcare, government, industrial, manufacturing, and corporate spaces. Our capabilities continue to progress to meet the growing needs of our clients and industry developments. We provide services within environmental health and safety, indoor environmental air quality, hazardous materials, engineering, and litigation support.

At IEA, we embrace advancements in the industry, developments in technology, and changes in safety practices. We are pioneers in environmental health and safety, and we continue to carry that innovative approach today. From welcoming new challenges to finding efficiencies in our existing services, we are actively moving forward. With a team of unmatched expertise in a vast array of fields and longevity in the industry, we are ready and able to adapt to the future needs of our clients.

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