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Employers are required by OSHA regulations to ensure that operators of forklift and powered industrial vehicles complete approved forklift safety training every three years. Since many types of industrial vehicles pose different hazards, OSHA requires proper lift truck or forklift safety training. Forklift safety precautions also cover eliminating exposure to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

IEA provides forklift operation safety training for operators in a wide range of work settings. We hold training sessions in schools, government agencies, hospitals, and warehouses across Minnesota, the midwest, and the U.S.

Customized forklift safety training

Our Forklift Operation Safety Services

Our Train-the-Trainer forklift facilitators offer customized training to meet your powered industrial vehicle equipment and workplace requirements while covering the required OSHA forklift safety material.

  • Provide forklift safety training directly to operators
  • Train select individuals who will offer forklift safety training to operators within the organization
  • Ensure training meets OSHA’s powered industrial trucks and vehicle operation standards
  • Conduct quarterly Carbon Monoxide monitoring and reporting for gas-fired power industrial trucks

Have your forklift operators taken OSHA compliant safety training?

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