Accident & Injury Reduction

Learn ways to prevent accidents in your workplace


An injury at work can be detrimental to both the injured employee and the organization. At IEA, our consultants help clients develop accident reduction programs that guide you to preventative measures to reduce injuries in the workplace. Our consultants work in multiple industries and are familiar with the federal, state, and local agency safety laws and regulations. We examine your current worksite environment to identify non-compliant or potentially hazardous conditions. Our programs promote safety measures to prevent accidents and remain in compliance with industry laws, all while remaining conscious of your budget.

We can develop your accident reduction program


Here are some of the ways our experienced consultants can help reduce the frequency of accidents and injuries at your worksite.

  • Review compliance status of your current environment and health and safety programs
  • Provide recommendations to attain compliance with federal, state, and local environmental and workplace safety regulations
  • Identify and document potential hazardous conditions and activities
  • Recommend engineering controls (e.g. equipment modification), administrative controls (e.g. work process changes), and/or personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Develop and provide employee safety training tailored to your worksite
  • Provide ongoing and regularly scheduled inspection and safety audits to maintain optimal safety levels
  • Assist with the development of an organizational safety plan
  • Create documentation to track corrective actions
  • Team with human resources staff to incorporate safety goals into employee performance standards
  • Develop and/or manage employee workplace safety committees

Implement safety measures to avoid accidents and protect your organization

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