Industrial Robot applications could compromise safety and result in downtime


Industrial Robot applications could compromise both worker safety and result in operational downtime costing unexpected financial losses. Learn more about OSHA’s new Robot Safety Operations Technical Manual Chapter 4 requirements. We can quickly execute gap analysis to evaluate your industrial robot applications risk profile and ensure compliance with OSHA’s new Robot Safety requirements. Effective task-based risk assessment can identify high risks along with reduction of employee injuries and/or operational downtime.


Consultation for robotics safety


Task-Based Risk Assessment

CSP experienced in task-based risk assessments of industrial robot applications per ANSI/RIA R15.06 and new R15.08 -part 1 standards

  • Validate functional safety performance levels
  • Verify compliance with ANSI B11 machine guarding
  • Determine effective safety engineering controls to eliminate high risks

Safety Program Assessments

Machine guarding & lockout/tagout inventory and procedure development in conjunction with robot applications

Program Management

Safety training, program development, and gap analysis to comply with OSHA and Industry Standards

Protect your employees from robotics-related dangers and comply with OSHA regulations

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