Laboratory Safety

Advancing the health and safety in laboratory environments


Employees working in a laboratory environment can be exposed to various types and degrees of safety concerns including chemical and physical hazards. OSHA Chemical Hygiene Standard protects employees from hazardous chemical exposure while working in a lab setting. Our laboratory management services can create or enhance your laboratory safety needs.

IEA has experience providing laboratory safety assessments for utility, medical, educational, and innovative testing and equipment laboratories for wet and dry processes. Our assistance can include a gap analysis review of existing policies and procedures or the development of full operational laboratory safety programs. Our program development experience includes individual state or corporate programs encompassing multi-state laboratories.

If your laboratory is established and looking to conduct a program review or you are a new start-up laboratory needing assistance developing programs, IEA’s qualified technical staff can provide support for your lab’s safety and compliance.

Chemical hygiene and lab operation consulting


Our laboratory safety program includes site and program audits to evaluate the procedures for using and storing chemicals in the laboratory as well as recommendations and training for complete laboratory safety management.

  • Laboratory risk assessment
    • Analysis of personal protective equipment (PPE) needs and uses
    • Evaluation of workplace hazards
    • Fume hood investigation
    • Exposure monitoring
    • Recommendations for corrective action
  • Employee training
  • Customized chemical hygiene written plans
  • Determination of chemical disposal methods
  • Accident response training and accident investigation
  • Periodic assessments of laboratory hazards
  • Documentation and records management related to chemical hygiene

Receive a customized laboratory safety program to fit your laboratory-specific hazards

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