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Emergency preparedness is a critical responsibility for schools and businesses and is essential to providing a healthy learning and working environment for building occupants. For example, at public schools in Minnesota, the state statute requires all schools to adopt a crisis management plan and develop school-specific policies that address emergencies or crises such as natural disasters, man-made disasters, and school violence.

While many schools and businesses acknowledge the importance of having an emergency preparedness plan, oftentimes the crisis team is unfamiliar with where to begin developing and implementing a facility-specific plan. Our crisis management consultants can help develop a crisis management plan and be part of your crisis team to develop a program and training that meets your facility’s unique challenges.

Assisting your facility plan for a crisis


IEA can assist your school or business in developing emergency plans and provide crisis management training to ensure the staff and building occupants know how to follow the procedures.

  • Develop a crisis management plan
  • Create emergency response mapping/documentation
  • Conduct facility vulnerability assessments
  • NIMS/ICS/FEMA crisis management training
  • Tabletop exercises for staff
  • Best practices consultation
  • Establish emergency preparedness floor plans and site plans
    • Evacuation maps
    • Severe weather shelter maps
    • Fire/life safety device locations
    • Utility shut-off locations

Develop an emergency preparedness plan that is easy to follow and protects your building occupants

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