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Preparing for and ensuring a safe return to work and school


Let IEA’s professional engineering consulting team assist in restoring your confidence during return to work and school initiatives. While HVAC ventilation systems are not identified as a primary transmission mode for COVID-19, properly functioning HVAC ventilation is key to reducing potential exposure in occupied spaces. When occupants are using the facility, ventilation can assist in reducing the spread of infectious agents through the following ways.

  • Introduction of outdoor air
  • Proper air circulation and exchange
  • Sufficient filtration system

IEA’s experienced staff provides you with an air quality evaluation in order to compare system operation to COVID-19 and outbreak planning needs identified by ASHRAE, CDC, WHO, and AIHA.

Ventilation system services for now and in the future


Community outbreaks will remain a concern for the foreseeable future. Verify that your ventilation system is functioning properly and providing sufficient indoor air quality conditions for your building as occupants return to work or school. IEA’s continuing services can support your COVID-19 risk mitigation.

  • Monitoring indoor air quality parameters once buildings are re-occupied to ensure ventilation function is maintained during changing seasons and conditions
  • Measure space airflow and inspect filtration system
  • Verification that ventilation controls and scheduling are providing sufficient air exchange before and after occupants occupy the building
  • Visual evaluation of facility layout and existing ventilation system design and configuration in regard to space use.
  • Documentation that the ventilation system is functioning properly and providing the best IAQ conditions to minimize viruses, allergens, irritants, and odors

Resources for HVAC Ventilation to Reduce Coronavirus Spread

Minimize potential outbreaks with proper HVAC ventilation

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