Fall Protection

Improve work from heights safety awareness


Many falls on the job can be prevented by implementing effective fall protection measures. Several OSHA standards require employers to take specific fall protection safety steps to prevent workplace falls. At the Institute for Environmental Assessment (IEA), our workplace safety experts help you understand what OSHA fall protection requirements apply to your site and work duties and how to implement compliant protocols, such as fall protection safety gear and equipment. A comprehensive fall protection program is an excellent investment to minimize the risk of injury, limit liability, and improve productivity.

Customized programs to keep employees safe


We help organizations of various industries and fall risks implement OSHA-compliant working from height / fall protection measures.

  • Develop a customized fall protection program that complies with regulations specific to your facility and site conditions
  • Evaluate fall hazard risk
  • Recommend process improvements and fall protection equipment to reduce fall risk
  • Develop an action plan to address identified hazards
  • Train employees and supervisors on fall protection measures
  • Manage projects implemented to mitigate fall risk
  • Create mapping and documentation for site-specific fall hazards to be used for training and program management.

Develop a fall protection program that limits your organization’s liability for workplace falls

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