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Founded in 1984, the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA) is an environmental, health and safety consulting firm. IEA was initially established to assist schools navigate and comply with the evolving asbestos regulations.

We quickly widened our client base to other industries that required all-inclusive, trusted 3rd party consulting through a single partnership. Today, we serve businesses within the public and private sectors of education, healthcare, government, industrial, manufacturing, and corporate spaces. Our capabilities continue to progress to meet the growing needs of our clients and industry developments. We provide services within environmental health and safety, indoor environmental air quality, hazardous materials, engineering, and litigation support.

At IEA, we embrace advancements in the industry, developments in technology, and changes in safety practices. We are pioneers in environmental health and safety, and we continue to carry that innovative approach today. From welcoming new challenges to finding efficiencies in our existing services, we are actively moving forward. With a team of unmatched expertise in a vast array of fields and longevity in the industry, we are ready and able to adapt to the future needs of our clients.

Office Locations

Based in Minnesota, IEA serves clients throughout the United States from our six locations.

  1. Minneapolis/St. Paul suburb of Brooklyn Park, MN (headquarters)
  2. Mankato, MN
  3. Rochester, MN
  4. Brainerd, MN
  5. Marshall, MN
  6. Mountain Iron, MN

Our Team Is at the Forefront of the Industry

IEA associates’ cumulative experience and exceptional qualifications, including advanced degrees and certifications, allow us to serve our various clients with proficient services. We rely on comprehensive knowledge, customized programs, and effective communication to deliver successful outcomes.


Accident & Injury Reduction

Identify non-compliant and risky working conditions to develop an accident reduction program that prevents workplace injuries.


Bloodborne Pathogen

Implement OSHA-compliant procedures for various workplaces for handling infectious waste to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens.


Community Right to Know

EPCRA requires facilities to report the use of hazardous chemicals to communities living near the location impacting the air, water, or soil.


Compressed Gas

Workplaces that handle compressed gas must provide employee training on associated risks, canister storage safety, and disposal protocols.


Confined Spaces

OSHA provides standards for identifying, testing, and training employees on confined spaces that are applicable to a variety of industries.



Our certified industrial hygienists provide methods for monitoring and complying with EPA pollution standards for hazardous air emissions.


Electrical Safety

Electrical hazards are a leading cause of workplace injuries, we develop programs to advise electrical safety and reduce accidents.


Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management

Emergencies cover a large scope of situations, IEA helps education and businesses understand and adopt a crisis management plan for their occupants.


Employee Right to Know/Hazard Communication

Employers are required to inform and train employees on workplace hazards. We identify hazards and create comprehensive employee programs.


Work Ergonomics

Minimize injuries and improve employee productivity by offering customized ergonomic improvements that enhance workstation health and safety.


Fall Protection

Many workplace falls can be prevented with proper safety measures; a fall protection program limits liability and time loss due to injuries.


Fire Safety

Our inspections limit the risk of fires and our programs prepare employees on how to respond and evacuate in case of an accidental fire.


Forklift Safety/Power Industrial Trucks (PIT)

All operators of forklifts are required to complete safety training. We provide OSHA-compliant training for operators of forklifts or PITs.


Hearing Conservation

OSHA requires employers to reduce and offer protective gear for workers in environments with damaging noise levels and extended exposure.


Aerial Lift Safety

When operating or working near aerial lifts, workers must have safety training or receive a certification of operation.


Integrated Pest Management

Our workplace pest control management programs for insects, rodents, and weeds are based on specific facility compliance needs.


Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

A JSA or occupational health & safety assessment (OHS) identifies workplace injuries and illnesses to strategically minimize future risks.


Laboratory Safety

For laboratory environments, our programs address chemical hazards and general lab safety to improve the health and safety of the workplace.



Avoid disabled equipment accidents by implementing an OSHA lockout/tagout procedure for shutting down and labeling faulty equipment.


Machine Guarding

Manage installation and assessment of protective gear on equipment and machines to minimize the risk of injury for building occupants.


OSHA Inspections

For employees preparing or responding to OSHA inspections, we assist with the assessment and implementation of your compliance programs.


OSHA Recordkeeping

We help clients comply with recordkeeping standards by developing procedures for accurately recording workplace injuries and illnesses.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Employers must provide and train workers on proper safety gear use, such as clothing or earplugs, that will protect them against workplace hazards.


Respirable Crystalline Silica

Silica dust in the workplace can lead to serious health risks. Compliance with silica standards will prevent exposure and safeguard workers.


Respiratory Protection

Reduce exposure to contaminated air in the workplace through exposure assessments, respiratory training, and a customized program.


Roofing & Siding Training

For construction projects involving roofing or siding activities, proper training can prevent falls. Training is available in Spanish.


Welding, Cutting & Brazing

Our OSHA consultants provide programs to address welding, cutting, and brazing safety hazards in maritime, construction, and other industries.


COVID-19/Infectious Agent Building Signage and Markers

We offer up-to-date assessments and recommendations on covid signs for businesses that comply with infectious agent guidelines and recommendations.


COVID-19/Infectious Agent Facility Considerations

We help prepare facilities for returning employees and customers through cleaning & disinfecting assessments, implementation, and training.


COVID-19/Infectious Agent HVAC Ventilation Assessment

As workers and students return, we offer HVAC assessments and ventilation system repair recommendations that minimize an outbreak risk.


COVID-19/Infectious Agent Return-to-School/Business Services

We offer comprehensive plans that prepare students or employees as they return to school or work to restore confidence in the transition.


Bleacher Safety

We provide inspection, certification, and safety program management services for public bleachers to ensure attendee safety.


Playground Safety

Our certified playground safety inspectors provide regular playground equipment inspections to ensure the safety of children and students.


Sports Turf Safety

We use GMAX testing for turf standards and shock absorbency to minimize the risk of player injury and identify field maintenance needs.



We offer indoor mold testing and remediation management to remove the risk of exposure to IAQ concerns, as well as post-remediation inspections.


Infection Control

We provide infection control prevention practices and training for healthcare facilities to reduce the risk of facility impacted infections.


Due Diligence

Our consultants administer due diligence walkthroughs to test indoor air quality, fungal concerns, and water damage.


Hexavalent Chromium Cr(VI)

Our consultants address certain industrial materials and activities that can produce Hexavalent Chromium, a recognized human carcinogen.


Legionella Bacteria Testing

Legionella bacteria can be reproduced in man-made water systems. We provide customized water planning programs and accredited laboratory testing.



As a colorless, odorless, and harmful gas, our licensed radon measurement professionals will test and monitor for the presence of radon.



Our licensed asbestos and lead professionals will inspect, design, manage, and monitor the removal of hazardous material in your facility.


Hazardous Waste

We develop customized waste management and disposal plans to comply with the generation of hazardous waste from different worksite activities.



Our Lead Risk Assessors will conduct evaluations and tests to determine whether employees or occupants are at risk for lead exposure.


Lead in Firing Ranges

Indoor shooting ranges can cause lead hazards in multiple ways. We provide testing, abatement management and design, and training.


Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

When removing a UST, we offer storage tank testing and monitoring to minimize the risk of substance releases and soil contamination.


Litigation Support

Our environmental health and safety consultants provide clients with expert, unbiased analyses of issues.


Ventilation System Assessment

Our consultants provide HVAC assessments to determine the functionality of existing systems and how they compare to IAQ and design expectations.



Our third party commissioning agents provide ventilation commissioning to grant building owners and managers confidence in their new HVAC system.



Our technical consultants re-examine existing HVAC systems to identify operational issues that will improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency


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At IEA, each team member is a valued individual that contributes a unique background and specialty to the success of our clients. We provide a rewarding environment allowing the opportunity to excel in your field and make a positive impact on others.

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The Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA) is an environmental, health and safety consulting firm based in Minnesota serving the public and private sectors of education, healthcare, government, industrial, manufacturing, and corporate spaces nationwide.