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Minimize exposure to hazardous workplace conditions


Personal protective equipment (PPE) can guard against injuries or illnesses related to chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, or mechanical hazards. OSHA requires that employers evaluate and train employees on appropriate personal protective gear while on the job. At the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA), our health and safety consultants assist clients with this effort, leading to improved safety and compliance with OSHA full PPE regulations.

The proper personal protective gear for your industry and organization


Our consultants will evaluate workplace hazards, make recommendations for the use of personal protective equipment, develop employee training programs, and conduct regular program assessments

  • Conduct job hazard assessments
  • Evaluate the need for different types of PPE
  • Evaluate and monitor exposure potential
  • Develop and/or monitor your full PPE safety plan

Minimize hazardous exposure by ensuring job-specific protective equipment is selected and used

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