Bleacher Safety

Bleacher safety compliance with Minnesota Bleacher Safety Act


Improperly designed, damaged, or worn bleacher systems can be a significant liability for school districts, cities, counties, and owners of sports facilities. They may represent a serious safety hazard for the public attending sporting and entertainment events. However, ensuring your public bleacher systems comply with the Minnesota State Bleacher Safety Act and certification requirements can provide safe bleacher systems for your organization.

Minnesota State statute requires public use bleachers systems to be inspected and properly certified no more than every 5 years to remain in compliance. At IEA, our safety engineers provide bleacher inspection certifications and program support to organizations with public bleachers on the property. We provide bleacher safety and certification services for all public use entities such as cities, education facilities, park systems, sports facilities, large entertainment venues, and fairgrounds. We have inspected over 800 bleachers since 2002.

Comprehensive bleacher consulting


Our consultants will inspect your bleachers, such as bleacher handrails or seat height, and provide recommendations to meet bleacher code requirements. We are an experienced bleacher inspection company based in Minnesota and serving clients across the U.S.

  • Provide Certificate of Compliance as required by state such as Minnesota Bleacher Safety Act
  • Assess bleacher safety risk, including inspecting the operation of folding bleachers, hardware, seats, handrails, skirts, and all other components
  • Prepare documentation, evaluation, and recommendations for repairing, retrofitting, or replacement of bleachers or individual parts
    • Documentation includes photographs, schematics, and references to relevant bleacher safety codes
  • Arrange for repair or replacement of worn, broken, or missing bleacher components
  • Develop bleacher safety plans for exemption bleacher systems to maintain public safety

Don’t let unsafe bleachers interrupt the big game or event

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