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Customized IPM programs for reliable results


Integrated pest management (IPM) includes a variety of techniques to protect people and resources from pests including insects, rodents, and weeds. When your organization is facing a pest problem, you need to quickly yet carefully control the problem with little interruption to your workplace and the lowest impact on the environment. Our IPM methods are intended to be both effective and low-risk. IEA’s comprehensive pest control methods start with inspection, evaluation, and monitoring in order to provide remediation planning and management.

Comprehensive pest control methods


  • Develop customized integrated pest management program
  • Recommend and manage contractors to undertake the integrated pest control plan
  • Publish notifications required by Minnesota and other states regarding pest application schedules
  • Manage the IPM projects
  • Monitoring and evaluating pest control results
  • Assist with the development of a green management plan for pest control methods

Reliable insect, rodent, and weed control results with minimal disruption and risk

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