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Recommissioning & Retro-Commissioning

Over time buildings develop various control problems and maintenance issues. After a new building has been commissioned and operated for several years it should be commissioned again (recommissioned). If an existing building has never been commissioned it should be commissioned for the first time (retro-commissioned). Some examples of problems that are solved with recommissioning:

  • Building automation control and setpoint problems
  • Issues resulting in reduced energy efficiency
  • Temperature control
  • Indoor air quality
  • Valve and damper control

The most important benefit of recommissioning is energy savings. IEA integrates utility rebate programs into the recommissioning process when available. Xcel Energy customers in Minnesota can get a significant portion of their recommissioning study paid for by rebates.

Case Study

2017 - 325,000 sf. High School Recommissioning Project:

  • $171,000 in annual calculated energy savings found by IEA
  • $9325 Utility rebate +$10,000 in additional potential utility rebates for implementation of recommissioning study energy conservation opportunities


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