Improve air quality and decrease costs and liability

When building owners conduct a ventilation system assessment they can reduce costs, improve indoor air quality, minimize the risk of injury and eliminate liability. Our engineering consultants provide comprehensive air ventilation assessments to determine the functionality of existing systems and recommendations to meet ventilation in the workplace regulations.

We consider all components of the HVAC system and air filtration when completing our system assessment including the ductwork that is not regularly cleaned and the building’s activities that generate and add dust or contaminants to the air. Our ventilation and indoor air quality evaluation services can save organizational resources by relying on IEA’s engineering expertise and advanced technology to complete the work while providing employees and occupants with healthy and safe indoor air.

For manufacturing and industrial facilities, we provide industrial air quality ventilation assessments specific to the needs and requirements of their workplace. With rapid dust collection and the critical role ventilation systems play in industrial environments, our consultants evaluate the ventilation system performance and the level of air quality to develop a complete system report and recommendations.


Provided by our trained and experienced engineering consultants

IEA will provide your organizations with a comprehensive system assessment to meet ventilation in the workplace regulations.

  • Addressing building occupant concerns and worker safety challenges
  • Identifying sources of air contamination
  • Evaluating system maintenance and impact on the indoor air quality
  • Measuring relative humidity, air temperature, air velocity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, mold, particulates, volatile organic compounds, and industrial exposure hazards
  • Optimizing economizer sequences, airflow and water balance, and sensor functions
  • Verify engineering controls are compliant with OSHA and/or code requirements for providing worker safety


Focusing on industrial and manufacturing facilities

With increased focus on the impact of workplace operations on health and safety, IEA provides ventilation assessments for industrial environments. The ventilation and indoor air quality evaluation can target dedicated exhaust or full facility ventilation system operation to determine their effectiveness at minimizing exposure risk and healthy ventilation in the workplace.

IEA’s service is dedicated to creating a comprehensive understanding of your site-specific needs and the operation of your facility in order to best provide engineering assessment and guidance. We use our experienced team of engineers for assessment of the existing ventilation operation combined with expected function and areas of recommended improvement.