Asbestos safety in MN, WI, and IA

We offer environmental consulting services related to the management of asbestos safety in schools and other public and commercial/manufacturing buildings focused in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Asbestos was frequently used in building materials for facilities built prior to 1980, however, it can still be present in new construction materials.

It was prominent in building materials due to it being a great insulator, chemically resistant, economically priced, and widely available. Unfortunately, when disturbed, asbestos releases fibers into the air that can cause serious illnesses such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. When asbestos-containing material is left in place, it must be inspected and monitored frequently to verify it is in good condition.

Our state-certified asbestos inspectors provide building inspections, project management, and air monitoring for comprehensive asbestos safety.


Consulting for disturbed asbestos-containing material

IEA has undertaken numerous asbestos safety projects for a variety of clients such as education, hospitals, government agencies, industrial, and commercial entities. From asbestos inspection and sampling to ongoing monitoring, our asbestos services protect your occupants from an exposure concern.

  • Inspecting – inventory and sample asbestos-containing material (ACM) to determine the extent and type of asbestos present within the building
    • Assessments are completed by our EPA and state-certified asbestos inspectors
  • Planning – develop an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan for managing identified ACM
    • The O&M plan typically includes provisions for training, notification of tenants, occupants, and employees, abatement procedures, and record-keeping.
  • Project Design – determine the scope of work and develop project specifications including insurance, bonding, engineering controls, removal procedures, and disposal
  • Management – coordination of pre-bid conference, review contractor submissions, references, and qualifications
    • We offer project management prior to and for the duration of the asbestos abatement project
    • Develop and submit final closeout and documentation
  • Air Monitoring – onsite monitoring to include monitoring by state-certified asbestos site supervisors
    • Collection of required duration and clearance air samples
    • Conduct onsite analysis of air samples by Phase Contrast Microscopy
    • Documentation of on-site abatement activities

IEA In-House PCM Laboratory Services

AIHA-IHLAP Accredited Laboratory

  • PCM analysts trained in MDH and NIOSH air sampling requirements
  • Air monitoring samples collected and read on-site
  • In-house AAR Accredited PCM analysts
  • Analysis of PCM air samples via NIOSH 7400 method
  • QA/QC of on-site readings
  • Coordination with 3rd party laboratories