Helping you build your restart blueprint

We offer return-to-school services for public and private, K-12, charter, and higher education during COVID-19 response planning and return-to-business programs for a variety of companies. IEA has provided trusted health and safety services to educational clients across the U.S. for almost 40 years. Our experienced team can assist you with blueprinting your return-to-school or business scenario planning based on your state’s recommendations or regulations as well as federal guidance such as CDC requirements.

IEA has a long-standing relationship with educational facilities and national businesses providing evolving safety and health consulting. As the pandemic swept the nation, we quickly created response programs to address and assist with COVID in schools across the U.S. Now as students return to school and employees return to work, our experience with school districts and knowledge of COVID-19 regulations allows us to provide leading health and safety consulting to schools and businesses.

  • Technical knowledge of COVID-19 and agency requirements
  • Involvement in over 150 public school
  • Strong program and project management skills


Ensuring a safe place to teach and learn

Our team provides focused solutions for COVID in schools and businesses nationwide, and the considerations of bringing students and employees back.

  • Provide programs and generate plans based on your state’s agency recommendations
  • Coordinating and organizing subgroup scenario activity
  • Provide insight into school response trends and scenario research
  • Help define best practices for your district-specific needs
  • Provide site audits and assessments based on agency and CDC guidelines for children returning to schools
  • Develop supporting program documentation and communications
  • Presentation of the plan to staff, board, parents, and community

Return to School and Business Program Development

  • Plan for effective COVID-19 response
  • Develop a district-specific plan

COVID-19 Ventilation Verification

  • Air quality evaluation
  • Verification of HVAC systems operation
  • Provide the healthiest environment

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Protecting building occupants
  • Provide training, programming, and sampling
  • Verify your cleaning and disinfecting process