Lead by our experienced safety consultants

OSHA requires that employers keep a variety of written and official records as a part of their compliance program. IEA helps clients comply with safety recordkeeping standards by developing plans and procedures for accurately recording workplace injuries and illnesses. A comprehensive injury and illness record, as well as other required forms, provide reliable paperwork to prove compliance with OSHA workplace health and safety standards.

IEA consultants are experienced in OSHA requirements and can advise and lead clients through their recordkeeping requirements. Our OSHA recordkeeping training is available for organizations nationwide primarily serving markets within education, healthcare, government, industrial, and corporate spaces.


Learn how to maintain OSHA-compliant records

IEA will develop plans and procedures for workplace injuries and safety recordkeeping that cover multiple areas.

  • Identify and post the signs and posters required for the particular industry and type of organization
  • Manage employee training and OSHA required medical records
  • Conduct an inventory of hazardous chemicals
  • Maintain required employee work-related injury and illness records
  • Record and analyze the number of employee workdays lost from work-related injury and illness
  • Train employers in privacy requirements in the recording process
  • Develop procedures and provide OSHA recordkeeping training for employees on workplace injuries and illness
  • Develop and attend safety committee meetings