Cleaning and ventilation services for healthy facilities

IEA is providing services to assist your facility move safely into occupancy to comply with state covid restrictions. We can assist with verifying your cleaning products and procedure, safety program development, staff training, and swab testing during cleaning to verify surfaces are appropriately sanitized. For education, healthcare, government, industrial and corporate spaces nationwide, our consultants will prepare a facility readiness program focusing on cleaning and ventilation that will protect your returning occupants and comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

Our services to prepare healthy facilities include:

  • Job safety assessment related to COVID-19 masking, chemical use, and job hazard
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting program and procedure assessment
  • Pandemic cleaning and disinfecting training
  • High-touch surface audits
  • Ventilation assessments and IAQ verification, and more


Have confidence in your building’s cleaning procedures

How successful are your cleaning and disinfecting processes in lowering infection risk? If used incorrectly, disinfectants may not be reducing your surface and infection contamination. Frequently touched surfaces have accumulated amounts of bio-loading, which is an organic matter left on surfaces from people and the environment.

If you do not implement successful cleaning processes, it will reduce the efficiency of your disinfectant and won’t cut through the bio-loading remaining on the surface. Meaning you may not be removing viruses and contaminants to prevent spread. Employee training on the chemical application is required for staff not part of annual training to reduce incorrect cleaning procedures.

Assessment of your current cleaning and disinfecting practices and products can result in the reduction of chemical use or dedicated staff time. This can result in financial savings without compromising occupant safety.

  • CLEANING: Removes germs and viruses
  • DISINFECTING: Kills germs and viruses

Risks From Over-Reliance on Chemical Products

  • Overapplication and incorrect use of disinfecting products can increase chemical exposure concerns
  • Increases risk of occupant exposure, increased asthma, and respiratory irritation
  • Incorrectly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces limits sanitizing efforts and may not reduce the risk of infection
  • Application of chemicals on surfaces can cause facility damage while not accurately sanitizing for an outbreak
  • High amounts of chemical use can cause elevated product costs

Finding a Successful Cleaning and Disinfecting Process

  • Reviewing existing processes and chemical use
  • Knowing that cleaning and disinfecting efforts are working through testing verification
  • Proper use of chemicals to minimize exposure risks and lower infection risk
  • Conduct surface verification sampling to document the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfecting program

Resources for COVID-19 Private and Public Facility Restrictions