Updated and compliant facility signage

As the requirements around COVID signage and planning continue to shift, IEA stays on top of the changing regulations to effectively guide your education facility or business. We will gather COVID-19 impact building information from the organization’s or district’s planning committee and the building/facility representative. Then we will conduct walkthroughs in buildings and compile recommendations based on the current guidelines for social distancing, traffic flow signage, and floor marking. Employers have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to running an organization, our consultants ensure managing signage for COVID-19 or other infectious agents is not one of them.


Know the signs, labels, and posters your facility needs

IEA consulting services help our clients with compliant and up-to-date COVID-19 signs for their business.

  • A summary of current regulatory requirements and guidelines for locations to post social distancing and traffic flow signage
  • An on-site review of each building’s layout to determine and recommend required traffic flow, distancing markers, and signage posting locations
  • A map of recommended COVID-19 signs and floor marking locations for each building drawing provided by the organization or district, with a key indicating each of the following signage types:
    • Path of travel
    • Signage locations
    • Social distancing markers

IEA coordinates with vendors that provide printable signs and products for the flooring types within the buildings. The list will be reviewed through research, customer reviews, and the vendor or architect when possible.

IEA will provide electronic maps and a final report summarizing organization-specific recommendations. A hard copy will be provided upon request.

Posting Building Signage and Floor Markers

IEA can post the organization- and district-purchased signage and floor markers. IEA will confirm approval and authorization of postings and floor markings (at the indicated locations on building maps provided during the initial building assessment) prior to placing signage. For an additional fee, IEA can provide laminated poster signage for COVID-19.

District Staff Training

IEA can conduct training sessions with staff and building occupants to review recommendations and requirements for social distancing and traffic flow signage. The training will also review the mapping key and provide an opportunity to ask questions.