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Assessing Ventilation Systems

Assessing Ventilation Systems

The benefits of ventilation system assessment are great. Building owners can reduce costs, improve indoor air quality and eliminate liability by undertaking an evaluation of their ventilation systems.

About IEA

At the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA), our indoor environmental quality consultants provide ventilation system assessment and other environmental services to clients in the upper Midwest and throughout the United States. Founded in 1984, our firm assists schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial building owners, and government agencies. We provide consulting services on a wide range of environmental and health and safety matters.

To learn how your organization can benefit from a ventilation system or indoor air quality assessment, contact IEA. Call us toll–free at 800.233.9513.

Ventilation system evaluation

IEA will provide your organizations with comprehensive system assessment, including the following services:

  • Addressing building occupant concerns and complaints
  • Identifying sources of air contamination
  • Evaluating system maintenance
  • Measuring relative humidity, air temperature, air velocity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, mold, particulates and volatile organic compounds
  • Optimizing economizer sequences
  • Correcting airflow and water balance
  • Calibrating sensors

These and other ventilation system evaluation and adjustments can save organizational resources and provide employees and occupants with healthy and safe indoor air.

Contact IEA to learn more about HVAC system commissioning and recommissioning. Call us toll–free at 800.233.9513.


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