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Sports Turf Testing

Lower Concussion Rates With Sports Turf Testing From IEA

Minnesota’s young athletes currently experience concussions at a rate of approximately 2 per 100 athletes, according to a 2015 Minnesota Department of Health study. Football players sustain the highest number of concussions—football accounts for 38% of all concussions reported during the 2014-15 school year.

The Role Sports Turf Plays in Concussion Injuries

When a player falls, either the player’s body or the playing surface absorbs the impact of that fall. When turf surfaces are too hard, there is a greater chance of increased injury and higher rates of concussions.

Research indicates that 10-15% of concussions in American football are caused by head-to-surface contact.

You can lower the number of concussions your athletes experience, however, by implementing a regular testing and maintenance plan for your sports turf—natural grass or synthetic.

How IEA Can Help

IEA’s safety consultants have the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to help you manage your turf. Our process, known as G-max testing, aims to identify the shock absorbency of a field. The higher the G-max rating, the harder the turf, the greater the risk to your athletes.

Optimal G-max levels range between 80 and 150, with recommendations stating fields should be below 165. Through our ASTM-based testing practices, equipment and reporting, we help protect your players and your own liability.

5 Top Benefits of Sports Turf Testing & Maintenance

There is an exhaustive list of benefits come from regular testing and routine maintenance of your sports turf. As a highlight, turf testing:

  • Reduces injury by ensuring you are maintaining a safe playing surface
  • Creates a tool by which you can track concussion training, incidents and field maintenance
  • Protects your investment by preventing compaction and maintaining the field’s condition
  • Protects your legal defense in the event of injury or legal questions regarding your safety practices
  • Meets warranty requirements required for new fields
Everyone Is Responsible for Safe Turf

As a field designer or installer, your diligence in ensuring the fields meet the proper design standards will provide your clients with the safest playing conditions.

As a facilitator of turf playing fields, you have a responsibility to provide safe facilities and playing conditions for your athletes. You also want to ensure you are not exposing your school or other organization to liability.

As a coach or athletic director, you have a responsibility to be knowledgeable of the conditions of the turf your athletes play on. The more aware you are, the more you can do for your athletes to avoid concussions.

Call IEA for Quality Sports Turf Testing

To learn more about the importance of sports turf testing on your fields, or to discuss how a regular testing and maintenance program can help your athletes remain safer, call IEA. You can reach our experienced consultants by calling our toll-free number: 800.233.9513.


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