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Swimming Pool Inspection and Consulting Services

Swimming Pool Safety

The Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA) conducts swimming pool inspections throughout the upper Midwest and beyond. Our clients include schools and school districts, municipal pools and other facilities, and private organizations such as country clubs and private swim clubs.

Contact IEA for information about swimming pool inspection services. Call us toll–free at 800.233.9513.

Causes of swimming pool accidents

There have been several highly publicized swimming pool accidents in recent years; the most recent resulted in the Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Act. Poorly installed or maintained drains and drain covers have caused many of the recorded swimming pool fatalities through suction and entrapment. Diving boards have also caused numerous critical and fatal accidents.

Incentives for proper maintenance

Federal and state legislation has been enacted which requires the inspection of swimming pools to prevent tragedies. Although diving boards are not covered by a national standard, owners of pools with diving boards must undertake a rigorous inspection and maintenance regimen to avoid liability.

IEA’s inspection services

Our experienced safety consultants provide comprehensive pool safety inspections. Although pool drains and diving boards are a significant part of this service, we also evaluate other aspects of swimming pool safety. Our inspections include:

  • Minnesota Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Act compliance
  • Assessment of ventialtion and dehumidification
  • Evaluation of air quality and chlorine odor issues
  • Appropriate signage
  • Inspection of sumps
  • Measurement of water flow rate and suction power
  • Measurement of diving board height
  • Evaluation of diving board fastenings and springs
  • Inspection of drain cover fastening hardware
  • Evaluation of heating devices and skimmer pipes
  • Evaluation of entanglement or entrapment hazards

For more information about swimming pool inspection services, contact IEA. Call us toll–free at 800.233.9513. From offices in Minnesota, we serve the upper Midwest and beyond.


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