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OSHA Inspections

OSHA Consultants

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protects workers in private sector businesses. To ensure that employers comply with regulations, OSHA inspects workplaces; violations found during the inspection process are subject to large fines.

About IEA

At the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA), we help organizations manage OSHA inspections in a variety of ways. IEA is a health and safety consulting firm located in Minnesota. Founded in 1984, IEA’s consultants assist clients such as schools, commercial and industrial operations and hospitals with preparing for an OSHA inspection and corrective action following an inspection.

To learn how our experienced consultants can help your organization with OSHA inspections, contact us toll–free at 800.233.9513.

How we help with OSHA inspections

The best way to deal with an OSHA inspection is to develop and implement Environmental, Health and Safety (EH & S) programs to reduce the potential for accidents and injuries. IEA consultants accomplish this by:

  • Conducting mock inspections, audits and corrective action plans
  • Providing training in OSHA regulations and compliance
  • Developing safety program documentation

To learn how our experienced health and safety consultants can assist you during the OSHA inspection process, call IEA toll–free at 800.233.9513. With offices in Minnesota, we serve the upper Midwest and beyond.


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