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Lockout/Tagout Consulting Services

Lockout/Tagout Consulting

The Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc. (IEA) provides assessment, training and program development regarding lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures. Training in this area reduces injuries and fatalities on the job. Standards for lockout and tagout procedures, found in 29CFR 1910.147, provide for shutting down (lockout) and/or placing warning signs (tagout) when disabled equipment is being repaired or is not functioning properly. It prevents the mistaken restart or operation of equipment that should not be used.

About IEA

IEA, based in the upper Midwest, serves school districts, hospitals, commercial building owners and government agencies. Our consulting firm has provided health and safety consulting to clients throughout the United States since 1984.

Contact IEA to learn how we can help your workplace develop lockout/tagout procedures that can keep employees safe and help maintain compliance with standards. Call us toll–free at 800.233.9513.

Our services

IEA consultants offer the following services related to developing LOTO procedures:

  • Initial facility assessment and location of isolating devices
  • Lockout-specific procedures
  • Annual safety audits and periodic inspections
  • Written program
  • Employee and supervisor training

Typical clients

Any organization that has machinery and is covered by the federal standard should develop safety procedures that include lockout and tagout; the law applies to any device that can release energy should it start unexpectedly and constitute a hazard to workers. Clients include school districts, government and business offices, hospitals and manufacturers.

Contact IEA to learn how we can help your organization develop lockout/tagout procedures. Call us toll–free at 800.233.9513. From offices in Minnesota, we serve the upper Midwest and beyond.


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