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Assistance with Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
and Occupational Health & Safety Assessment (OHS)

Job Safety Analysis and Occupational Health & Safety Assessment

Employers can help prevent workplace injuries and illnesses by reviewing workplace operations, establishing proper job procedures, incorporating proper personnel protective equipment and engineering controls and ensuring that employees are trained properly. One of the best ways to determine and establish proper work procedures is to conduct a job safety analysis (JSA) or an occupational health & safety assessment (OHS). Supervisors can use the findings of a JSA or OHS to train and protect employees and to eliminate and prevent hazards in their workplaces.

About IEA

At the Institute for Environmental Assessment Inc. (IEA), our consultants help employers complete job safety analysis projects. IEA, a health and safety consulting firm founded in 1984, serves organizations throughout the United States from its offices in Minnesota. Clients include school districts, hospitals, commercial and industrial entities and government agencies.

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Performing a job safety analysis or occupational health & safety assessments

The experienced consultants at IEA use their years of experience in the field to conduct a thorough job safety analysis—one that will result in a comprehensive report and a list of action items if needed.

The JSA process includes:

  • Review job descriptions and accident history
  • Interview employees to identify the most hazardous job tasks
  • List and prioritize job tasks for the JSA process
  • Document the steps required to perform a specific task
  • Identify the current and potential hazards related to each step
  • Describe actions that reduce or eliminate the risks of injury or illness arising from the identified hazards. Such actions may include changing work processes, modifying equipment, installing machinery guards, modifying the work environment or requiring the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

The OSH process includes:

  • Establish a baseline to identify and prioritize occupational and compliance risks.
  • Review job operations, workplace flow and management systems to identify activities that possess risk to employees health and safety.
  • Document activities and job tasks with associated frequency, duration, hazards, controls and compliance risk.
  • Complete an exposure plan that will outline recommended OSHA required sampling and monitoring for exposure to hazardous substances.
  • Include compliance risk report for discrepancies with EPA, OSHA and other agencies.
  • Chemical hazard report, overview of chemicals exposure data and associated risk.
  • ISO 45001

Our experienced safety consultants are also seasoned project managers who can oversee any construction or installation required to address safety hazards identified through a job safety analysis or occupational health & safety assessment.

To discuss a job safety analysis for your organization, contact IEA toll–free. Call 800.233.9513.


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