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COVID-19 | Return to School


Return-to-School services for Public, Private, Charter and Higher Education during COVID-19 response planning

IEA has provided trusted health and safety services to educational clients for over 35 years. Our experienced team can assist you with blueprinting your return-to-school scenario planning based on MN Dept of Education (MDE), MN Dept of Health (MDH) and CDC requirements and guidelines.

Focused solutions to COVID-19 challenges such as:

  • Provide MDE & MDH based program format for plan generation
  • Coordinating and organizing subgroup scenario activity
  • Provide insight to school response trends and scenario research
  • Help define best practices for your district-specific needs
  • Provide site audits and assessments based on MDE, MDH and CDC requirements & recommendations
  • Develop supporting program documentation & communications
  • Presentation of plan to staff, board, parents, and community

Strengths And Focus

  • Technical knowledge of COVID-19 & MDE/MDH requirements
  • Involvement in over 150 Public Schools in Minnesota
  • Strong program and project management skills

Return To School Program Development

  • Plan for Effective COVID-19 Response
  • Develop a district specific plan

COVID-19 Ventilation Verification

  • Provide the Healthiest Environment
  • Verification of HVAC systems operation

Cleaning And Disinfecting

  • Protecting Building Occupants
  • Provide training, programing & sampling Verify your cleaning and disinfecting process.

Contact IEA for more information about COVID-19 Return-to-School services for Public, Private, Charter and Higher Education facilities, call us toll–free at 800.233.9513. From offices in Minnesota, we serve the upper Midwest and beyond.


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